Saturday, November 22, 2008

Our new Neads puppy!

Well we did not get Granite. We got Fenway instead. Fenway and his brother were getting rowdy in the puppy house and needed to be apart.We will be raising him to be a service dog for about a year. This picture is of Fenway and Usher a dog we are puppy sitting till Tuesday. Take care Tim

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Working toward a cure for breast cancer

I had a great day today. I raked and blew leaves today as a fundraiser for Kathi and Meghan's walk. I did well and am very pleased as well as very sore. It was a nice day with the temperature around 40 degrees and light winds. We did have few snow flurries which is a reminder of what time of year it is here in Maine. Maybe someday, breast cancer will be as easy to get rid of as the leaves. Till then we will keep working for a cure. For more information and to donate please visit Kathi's or Meghan's site. Take care Tim

Kathi's site

Here is Meghan's site

Monday, November 10, 2008

Please support 2009 Boston Breast Cancer 3-Day walk

Just a quick update. Kathi is working hard in her sewing room getting ready for a craft fair this month. All proceeds will be going to her walk. She has had a quilt
donated to be sold. I will post pictures here when she gets it. It would make a great gift for someone while helping the find a cure at the same time.

We travel to Neads on Saturday for a meet and greet with Indy and the lady she got matched with. We have not seen her since June so we are excited. On our way home, we will pick up a puppy to puppy sit for 10 days. It will be nice to have a dog in the house again. We are on the list to get another puppy to raise. Hopefully soon.
Here is the link to Kathi's walk. Please consider a donation. Thanks Tim

For more info about Neads visit

Dango is one of the puppies we have raised.